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I’ve been raising Shih-Tzu for 11 years. During that time, I have gotten immeasurable joy from spending time with these little darlings. When you buy a Shih-Tzu from me, you get so much more than just an adorable puppy.

My obligation to you doesn’t stop when you receive your dog; I will be available to answer questions and assist you with your bundle as long as you need me! Life is full of surprises, and if something crops up with your Shih-Tzu that you find yourself needing help with, I’m here for you! I can be reached, by phone or email. We’re in it together!

I founded Precious Shih-Tzu Home along with my daughter Gina Beard. We have spent the past 11 years creating the very best in Shih-Tzu bloodlines. At any given time, my home is full with the joy that a litter of Shih-Tzu brings.

My dogs sleep in playpens in order to keep them safe while they wait to be adopted by a loving parent like you! I have many Shih-Tzu puppies for sale, and they each deserve a happy home like yours. Why not adopt one today?

Please E-Mail us with any  questions or comments that you may have.


About Shih-Tzu

Our Shih-Tzu pups have precious baby doll faces, short, compact bodies, flawless coats, lovable dispositions, and are in good health.  It is our number-one goal to raise healthy American Kennel Club-certified Shih-Tzu puppies that will find happy and loving places in the lives of our customers across the United States and Canada.  We know we’ve done our job this far, because former customers have called to tell us how happy they are with their Shih-Tzu puppies! All of our puppies are hand raised. Today, we offer a variety of Shih-Tzu puppies, sold by size:
Shih-Tzu are famously inquisitive, so to keep their curiosity in check while they become accustomed to your home, it’s a good idea to corral them in a playpen at night once you get your puppy home.  These are readily available in the infant section of all department stores.Shih-Tzu can be very stubborn but don’t let them get the upper-hand. You have to be very firm with them and let them know right off who’s the boss. I have made many long-lasting friends over the years.  I believe that when you own a Shih-Tzu you have the Cadillac of pets. They demand a lot of attention and affection. If you do not want that, then this breed is not for you.

All of our Shih-Tzu are American Kennel Club-certified.  By purchasing a Shih-Tzu from us, you will receive along with your dog all of the necessary registration papers.  All you need to do is fill in the forms and return them to the AKC.  As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to bring your puppy to your veterinarian for a checkup.  If, for some reason, the vet finds a problem with your puppy, I’d be happy to provide you with another, or refund your money if you prefer.

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